Five Best STEM Grant Opportunities

Increasingly, institutions, government agencies, and donors are focusing more on subjects that touch on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. This is because the future of the universe depends on advances in these fields, and therefore demands investments regarding research and exploration. What’s more, as the population of the world increases, new and economical ways of doing things need to come into force so that there can be effective consumption of resources.


Global institutions and companies have been at the forefront of championing for more investment in STEM education, and that is why they remain some of the major bodies that offer grants and donations towards these courses.


STEM are fields that are not pursued by the significant majority, and therefore, those pursuing STEM-related courses have high chances of landing and winning grants, although this needs hard work and determination as well. There is o shortcut or easy way out.


Vernier/NSTA Technology Awards

The Vernier/NSTA Technology awards aim at promoting the innovative and creative use of data collection technologies using a computer, graphics calculator, or any other handheld device in a science classroom setup. This award will comprise of seven $5,500 awards, and these awards will span from elementary level to the college level. The awards will be distributed evenly across those levels.


Lockheed Martin Corporation Grants

Lockheed Martin provides grants to students in the K-16 band to pursue courses, studies, and research in Science, Engineering, Technology, and Math, to support and advance the business goals of the corporation. The corporation provides grants to various programs, events, and campaigns which aim to foster the academic achievements of students, the development of teachers and to promote ethnic diversity.


Applicants for this grant must ensure that their interests are in line with Lockheed Martin’s strategic focus area of delivering standards-based science, technology, engineering, and mathematics academics. Further, applicants must also ensure that they reside or operate in a community or region in which Lockheed Martin Corporation has employees or other business interests.


National Science Foundation Advancing Informal STEM Learning Grants

The Advancing Informal STEM Learning Grants, which is under the aegis of the National Science Foundation, aims to advance new ways of understanding the design and the development of STEM Learning in informal environments using evidence.


The Advanced Informal STEM Learning program supports five different types of projects which include Pathways, research in Service to Practice, Innovations in Development, Broad Implementation, and Conferences, Symposia, and Workshops.

The deadline for applications for this grant is in November, and the programs will mainly center on informal STEM learning.


Lowe’s Toolbox for Education

The Lowe’s Charitable and Educational Foundation (LCEF), over time, has been actively contributing to grassroots community projects since its inception in 1957. The LCEF provides finances to tax-exempt, not for profit organizations and public institutions in communities where Lowe operates stores and distribution centers.


The projects that are eligible for this projects should fall under tools for STEM programs, safety improvements, facility renovations, and STEM programs. Requests for grants can range from $2,000 to $100,000, but it is worthy to note that a significant majority of grants will be given in the range of $2,000 to $5,000. Other crucial projects that will require a sum which exceeds $25,000 will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


Toshiba America Foundation Grants

The Toshiba America Foundation (TAF) offers grants in science and math for the 6th to the 12th-grade band. Toshiba America Foundation, which is supported by the Toshiba Corporation and the Toshiba America Group of Companies, is committed to helping classroom teachers make science and mathematics learning successful and enjoyable as possible. Towards this end, The Toshiba America Foundation funds project ideas and materials that teachers need to innovate teaching in their science and math classrooms.


TAF has a keen interest in projects that are designed by teachers, or small groups of teachers for use in their respective schools. Public and not for profit private schools throughout the United States are eligible for grants, and applications for grade 6 -12 for an amount of $5,000 or less are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the calendar year. Requests for grants for amounts that exceed $5,000 are reviewed two times a year.


To sum this up, there are leading companies and corporations in the fields of technology, science, and engineering that offer some of the best opportunities when it comes to STEM grants. Given the relevance of STEM education in the years to come, public institutions and other concerned agencies have also increased their input into STEM education, and this is evident by the increase in grants and other related financing arrangements for projects that are STEM-related.


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