What is the Meaning of Pepsi Logo?

Leading companies in the world share a common feature – a recognizable logo. From Apple’s iconic fruit, Nike’s unmistakable swoop, to Pepsi bright and bold colors, logos are synonymous with the brand they represent. Overall, a strong logo is good for the company’s branding and conveys its vision.

Companies rebrand through new approaches to create memorable logos. Their objective is to grab the attention of the increasingly disloyal modern consumers.

Logos are a marketing model in which companies invest vast resources to craft the perfect image.

Most viewers spend three seconds at most to scan the web pages of companies. The next thing they look for is the company’s logo.

A logo design is vital to the company for a number of reasons:

  • Creating the first impression through appeal to learn more about the company,
  • It is iconic and memorable and poor designs can be associated with bad efforts that are difficult to shake off,
  • Logo is a basis for strong branding,
  • It communicates the company values, and
  • It defines the brand image.

Pepsi lovers can testify that the company’s logo meets all of the criteria. However, most fizzy drinkers may not be familiar with the intricate meaning behind the bold, bright colors of the company’s logo as it is known today.

The search for the perfect meaning is evident in the evolution of the Pepsi logo over the years.

Understanding the meaning of Pepsi logo requires knowledge of its design features.

The shape of the Pepsi logo

Pepsi logo is three dimensional in shape. It comprises a globe painted with two completely different colors. A swirl at the center compliments and separates the two disks of the globe. The fonts appear along with the globe giving it an appealing look.

Colour of the Pepsi logo

The two distinct and contrasting colors give Pepsi logo its beauty – red for the top hemisphere of the globe and blue for the bottom hemisphere. The Pepsi font is inscribed in white. The combination of the colors creates a tantalizing effect, an invitation to consumers to taste and become part of the product.

The combination of colors symbolizes the company’s core emotional values. The dark royal blue featured in the original beverage conveys the idea of “cool.” The lighter shade of the Pepsi Max is linked to “fresh and cool.”The golden colors in the caffeine free variations symbolize balance and energy.

The Pepsi colors, red, white and blue, were introduced to represent the American flag. It was launched in the Second World War to support the American troops and the war effort.

Font of the Pepsi logo

The Pepsi logo has a simple yet elegant and prominent font that uses italicized roman typeface.

The current version of the company’s logo is nicknamed “Pepsi Globe.” The logo, redesigned in 2008 for 1 million dollars by The Arnell Group, closely resembles a smile.

The redesign tapped into several streams of inspiration from ancient wisdom including Feng Shui, the Parthenon, Pythagoras geo-dynamics and the Golden Ratio.

The overall design is a representation of the globe, but the logo also represents the ‘human body, Da Vinci’s Vitruvian principles, the Chinese art of placement and spatial’. “Breathtaking logo” was the phrased used by the designing company to describe the current Pepsi logo.

The swirling horizontal white stripe running through the centre of the globe is a visual representation of the earth’s movements of rotation and revolution. The swirl also represents a naturally occurring electric generator in a fluid motion that generates and sustains the magnetic field of the earth.

It also captures the use of symbols and wavy lines by Ancient Egyptians and other civilizations in describing the swirling movement of water.

The current Pepsi logo is seen by the general public as a smiling globe.

The logo captures different aspects of the company including its global brand status. It remains simple and appealing to the eye and invokes intended emotions.

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