Decision Making in an Organization

It is interesting to find an individual researching on such diverse field of decision making in an organization. Decision making is the key factor to the success of an organization. One point that I conquer with my fellow classmate’s post is that the people in your organization should not solemnly depend on one individual to make all decisions but rather be involved. The individual might not be having a vast experience in a certain field. When involved in making decisions for that department, things might end up not working which means failure of the organization in general. In essence, all the departments in your organization should work to make their decisions without depending on a given person. By doing this, it would help to mentor other junior employees in the department hence attainment of experience in making firm decisions. When the whole staff makes decisions, it is also confident that they will be right and efficient.

Despite your good notices in your organization, at times, there exist that one individual in the organization who is well experienced in almost all departments of the company. It is wise to consult such people when it comes to making controversial decisions that affect the organization. The main reason for consultation is to ensure accountability and correctness. The other point that surprises me in your post is the connection between grief and fear and decision making in your organization. The main aim of making decisions is for prosperity. No one in the world would want to make a mistake so that he/she learns from the errors. Decisions made should work for the benefit of making the organization better that it was before. It is, therefore, important for your organization to keenly monitor the process of decision making to ensure success in all departments.

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